Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fun in July swap

And now they're really out of order, so bear with me. In my collage ATCs group we had a gift swap for July. My partner was Judy G, and my package arrived yesterday, I was tempted to wait until tomorrow to open it, but after I royally messed up a cake I was baking for my coworkers, I decided I deserved a little pick-me-up.
These are a pack of water colors, all closed up they came looked like the green bundle below.
There was an extra little gift in the box for my birthday (tomorrow), and I wasn't going to open it until then, but then my plans got rearranged, so I decided I needed to open it today.

Way inside the package, were these cute paper earrings that I'm guessing Judy made. Very cute.
And here are the earrings inside a frog box I found inside my present.
And here is the really cute frog box. I LOVE IT!!!
There were quite a few things in my package. A lot of paper, here is the mulberry bunch.
And here is the rest of it. The blue sparkly piece at the top there, is actually a piece of mesh fabric.
This was in the bag with the items in the next picture. It reads "Pearl Ex (mix with mat medium). I've never used pearl ex, and I don't think I have any mat medium, but I guess I better get some, so I can see what effect this gives.

These are the Pearl Ex. The blue one is actually #686 Turquoise, and the pearly one is #674 Interference Gold. The little "pills", I'm not quite sure about them. At first I thought they were those little creatures you see at stores that you drop in water and they grow.
This is a ball of turquoise fiber, the color is massively wrong on this picture.
Then there was this little package, and it was in the picture at the top of the page.
Here are some stamps. The three circly ones are those little stampers that have their ink with them.
I'm not really sure what these are but the box says Tria Inks Six-Pack 6 Pantone by Letraset colour inks. Tria Inks in 298 Pantone colours, Blender and Extender. Create custom mixes & tints. Use in Tria Brushpen, Letrajet Airmarker, refill Tria Markers.... Looks fun to play with.
She also sent a ton of stamped images and punched pieces. I didn't want to get them all out of the bags but there's frogs, butterflies, people, animals, birds, trees, and a lot more. Can't wait to use them.
And here's the card she made. I think it's tea bag folding but I'm not sure.
And here's the little box that my frog box was in.

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