Friday, May 14, 2010


I'm having a hard time creating anything lately.
And I really should be creating something. I thought maybe it was because I was limiting myself to the supplies I have, as I'm a little short on $$$ (working on paying off an $1100 loan from my parents that covered a medical bill from Feb), but I do go into JoAnn's and Hobby Lobby and get stuff from their clearance, and JoAnn's $1.00 bins. I have also bought some stuff on, not that long ago. But I really haven't done anything with them.
I love reading all my art blogs everyday, I'm thinking I should participate in some challenges, there are tons floating all over the internet, I like the simple sketch ones, but that reminds me of Stampin' Up nights my mom and I used to go to. Our demonstrator would have the project and all the ingredients laid out, and it seemed like everyone except me, followed the project to a T. I've never been like that, I hate doing exactly what everyone else does. And the funny thing is, people would always say how cool and different mine was.
I was thinking of taking a glue book class from Mary Green, it sounds pretty fun and you get access to a whole bunch of images. And I've noticed being (ok it's online but still) with other crafty people always helps me get into the creating spirit. I would need to decide about that pretty quick, as it would start on Sunday.
I am participating in the Treasured Tin Swap through Dreams Intertwined, but that doesn't include a lot of creating, we're supposed to find a vintage tin and fill it up with goodies our partner would enjoy and then send it to them. I will be adding the button to my sidebar very soon.
It seems lately, the only time I make something is for my collageatc's yahoo group, and that's once a month. This month, we're doing a Scavenger Hunt, which means I send them a list of things to find in their stash (they're not allowed to buy anything) and use those. I haven't started even looking for elements yet. My crafty closet is so messy, I know it will become a daunting task at sorting stuff and getting rid of it, because there's not a lot of room for organizing in there.
I'm thinking I should do that and do another giveaway soon. There is a currently a multi-blog giveaway going on at Twice Remembered Cottage, that anyone can join until the 29th of May, but then I'd have to get myself organized. So, that probably won't be happening.
I have been trying to visit more garage sales this season, cause it's always fun to go to those, and it's a nice cheaper way to get supplies.

Any suggestions on what to get me going creatively?

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