Saturday, February 13, 2010

January's Black & White

OMG, I'm behind again, seems to be the story of my life sometimes. Anyways, for my collageATCs group, the theme for January was black and white, now a lot of people in the group decided to only use the colors black and white and they turned out gorgeous, but by the time I put my cards together I was plenty sick of white and gray, so I added colors.
The top two cards here, I was given the background on the first one and decided to add a bunch of brightly colored buttons to it. On the right I was given the background and the piano keys, I thought for sure it needed to be a music themed card, so I added the music sheet and the lyre(I'm not really sure what this instrument is), they're both from a box I received a Christmas gift in.
The left card I was given the soccer ball, this little girl was on that same Christmas box and she looked like she was playing soccer, so I made her play soccer, it's just her and markers. On the right I was given the background and the black things in front of the flower pot. I received that flower pot in a gift exchange through my collageATCs group, and you can't tell from the picture but those black things are velvety feeling.
The right card I was given the photocopied money and the currency quote at the bottom of the card. The background (that you can't really see) is a bunch of bright colored circles, I was orgically going to put another piece of paper with circles onto it, but when it didn't look very good on the background, I took it off and it left behind the black, which I thought was pretty cool and did that to the whole card.
The left card I was given the snowman on the top, the tiny snowman in the bottom right corner, and the googly eyes. I collect snowmen, so I have a few snowman stamps, I felt I needed a nice snowman party on this card, after I layed them on it, it needed something more, so I added the snowflake ribbon and the googly eyes.

The left card I was given everything on the card, the presents on the side are a ribbon, and the snowflake is a domed resin sticker.
The card on the right I was given the owl and the beads hanging down from him. The background paper is from a big 12x12 stack of paper I got for Christmas.
The card on the left I was given all the elements, I just felt they needed a little color, which I added with markers.
The card on the right I was given the teacups and the cup quote. I was originally going to color in the cups with pink and green to go with the background, but after I glued them down, I liked the simplicity of them and left them alone.
This month's theme is neon. I usually wait until the end of the month to my cards, because then I have everyone else's cards to get inspiration off of.

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