Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sparkly Gemstones Glittery July 2009

July's CollageAtcs theme was Sparkly/Glittery/Gemstones.
I thought I'd try to make my cards the same but different, a few of my group members do this, and I try but it's so much more fun to do them all different. I found a group of postage stamps in my stash and that's what sparked the cards. This month I succeeded in making the same but different, maybe I can do it again for August's theme of Flying things.
Pink card: I used the pink butterfly, the pink ribbon and the pink gem in the corner. Purple card: I used the purple cord (under the tree), and the purple gem in the corner.
Dark green Card: I used the 3 gold beads and the dark green gem in the corner. Silver card: I used the sequin trim (underneath the button), the silver tinsel (on top of the button) and the silver glittery paper. Brown Card: I used the glittery paper across the corner, and the black bead in the center of the card. Light Green Card: I used the glittery paper across the corner and the light green gem in the corner of the card.

Blue Card: I used the blue raffia along the edge of the card and there's a blue gem in the corner that doesn't really come out in the picture. Red Card: I used the background card with the crown on it, the red ribbon on the edge and the red gem in the middle. Purple card: I used the purple sequin trim underneath the butterfly, the butterfly, the clear gems on the edge and the clear bead in the middle. Red/yellow Card: I used the glittery paper in the corner, the red raffia on the edge and the yellow gem in the corner.
I always encourage my players to use more than one item on their cards just to see how they figure to use them together. I made sure I used at least 2 items on each of these cards.

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